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Being a Microsoft Partner for Application Development, we don’t like to use anything but Microsoft Teams. Is that even surprising? All SMBs or Enterprises must adopt Microsoft Teams if you already have Office 365.

Well, this is for the people who are already using Teams. Under Teams when you create separate channels, you have a storage space for Files. This allows keeping all your files related to the channel at one place and share within the team members. These files are stored in SharePoint.

But accessing files in Teams and Sharepoint is bit not user-friendly. …

Ever since the garage and basement success stories have become famous — be it Google, Facebook, Uber, WhatsApp, AirBNB and numerous others — everyone aspires to build the next mobile app or software product that will become next Uber.

I bet if you are reading this, you already have an idea to build new app and become successful entrepreneur. And I can also tell you that if the idea is pursued and executed well then it has good chance of becoming successful as well.

We get often calls from aspiring tech-entrepreneurs about building new apps or new products. Being in…


Today is 31st Jan 2021. We are already in 21st year of 21st century, and software development is now well over 3 decades old. Still the question of how to interview a software developer is bugging every manager, director or IT leader. Most of them leave it to a technical senior team to evaluate their future team mate. And many keep faith in the candidate’s past experience with previous employers and go by one simple belief — if the guy has worked for over a year at certain place, it is not really risk to hire.

I have been a…

In the beginning of my career and for 8–10 years even after that, I was naive enough to think that number of years of experience in resume really mattered for something tangible — higher salary or seniority within teams. Just like in elementary school a 3rd grader feels being older than 2nd grader is some kind of advantage is what it feels like when you get into job and your 3 year experience seems superior to a fresher guy who just comes on board.

I had that Aha! moment when I was talking to Mark Willis, who was Director then…

When we are focused on getting things done, this may not even be our core focus as to what is user story and what is not. We probably don’t even pay attention to it as our focus is on “how”.

This is really a question you want to think about when you are

  • Software Development Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Analyst
  • And specially when you are managing a team that includes one or all of above.

When I started our software development firm, my focus was on ‘how’ — and there was no distinction between tasks developer…

Over the years people have been using Scrum or Agile interchangeably for whatever the process they use for project management. This not only applies to software development types of projects but let’s keep that in focus; as if you are reading this, you are likely connected to some software project.

I will not explain what is Scrum and what is Agile here — if you have opinion, let’s just say you are right about it :)

I used to attend EO — Entrepreneurs’ Organization ( accelerator meetings during 2016–2018. Few Coaches always started with Daily Huddle. Every member spoke about…

Piyush Bhatt

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